Why Leasing Beats is the Smart Choice for Most Artists.

Are you new to the world of buying beats ? 

Maybe you've heard a bunch of different opinions about exclusive beats and leasing beats.

I GET IT have definitely been there before!

Sometimes all that stuff can get a little overwhelming but let me try to shed some light on why leasing beats a lot times can be better for the artist.

I'll also give you with some alternatives, and some leasing success stories.

As an independent artist you should get familiar with the terms of beat licensing.

If you're not, I recommend checking out our comprehensive guide on beat licensing for a better understanding. link here ->

When you should NOT go for an Exclusive license

Now, let's address when it' might not be the right time to get an exclusive license.

As an producer connecting with many different types of artists online, I've encountered many artists who get ahead of themselves when it comes to deciding between exclusive rights and leasing beats.

If any of the following statements apply to you, leasing beats is most likely the better choice:

* You have a social follower/fan base of fewer than 10,000 people across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

* Your YouTube and Soundcloud tracks have less than 2,000 plays.

* You haven't released a single, promotional album, or EP yet.

* You don't fully understand the basics of non-exclusive and exclusive beat licensing.

Let's be realistic here: How established are you as an artist?

If you were to perform locally, would more than 100 people show up?

If you released a mixtape online for free, would more than 500 people listen to it?

Have you been featured on at least three music blogs run by individuals who weren't your personal friends before your music release?

Do you have a manager, agent, or lawyer actively working on your behalf, or have people approached you for representation?

I'm not trying to discourage you in any way; I simply want you to reflect on your current situation. Buying exclusive rights might not always be the best option, and that's perfectly fine. In fact, leasing beats offers numerous benefits compared to exclusive rights. 🚀


Let me explain why leasing beats can be far more advantageous than buying exclusivity. Consider this scenario: You've just purchased a non-exclusive lease for $30, which grants you the right to sell up to 5,000 copies of your song. 

Now, imagine you create an banger that everyone loves . You release it on iTunes and promote it on your social media & your followers and email list love it. Let's say 10,000 people hear the new song, and 300 individuals decide to buy the single.

Assuming you're selling it for the standard $1 per download, your profit would amount to $270 after deducting the $30 investment. Thats not even counting the streaming royalties, new followers and additional listeners you have gained from this song being released on platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify, & YouTube. Now you are building momentum and feeding your fans with what they really want more music!

However, if you had purchased an exclusive license for $800 instead of the non-exclusive lease, your profit would turn into a loss of $500.

Of course, this is a simplified example, and there are even more revenue streams in the music industry (such as streams, live shows, and music videos). Not to mention the extra costs associated with studio time, audio engineers, and promotion.

As an emerging artist, you already know that every extra dollar counts. Investing that extra money in purchasing more beats and releasing more music and content will benefit your career much more in the long run. In my opinion, the primary focus for independent artists should be growing a fan base and consistently releasing music.

And trust me, your fans do not care whether you lease beats or obtain exclusive rights. They most likely will never even know the difference!

Now, let's explore two alternatives to exclusive rights that might be more suitable for you:

* Unlimited Licenses: Even if you have the budget for exclusive rights, I strongly recommend considering unlimited licenses. Most producers offer this as the priciest non-exclusive licensing option. With an unlimited license, you can sell, stream, and play your song without any limits on sales or streaming numbers. This allows for potentially higher profits compared to licenses with predefined limits. Keep in mind that unlimited licenses are still non-exclusive, meaning the producer can sell them to others. The standard publishing rights split is usually 50/50, while exclusive rights offer negotiable publishing rights. Be sure to review the license agreement before making a purchase.

* Custom Beats:

When I ask other artists why they don’t want to lease beats, the answer is almost always the same;

“I want my OWN beats and don’t want another artists to use MY BEATS!” 

Let's be real about this most of the beats you are interested in buying exclusively online have already been leased to other artists before you. 

and you probably haven't heard the song & neither have your fans..

But if having something created exclusively for you is what you’re after, you should get  a custom beat! If you’re digging the style of the producer, and you want a truly unique sound that matches your style, ask the producer for a custom beat.

. - Link - 

In conclusion, most artists would be better off with a non-exclusive license. 

Which artists should buy exclusive rights? 

Most of you reading this right now would probably be better off with a non-exclusive license. To round this off…

We only recommend the following artists to purchase exclusive rights: 

  • If you are on the verge of blowing up
  • If you already have a large following (over 100k, all social platforms combined) 
  • When you’re signed to (major) labels  
  • If you have a publishing deal 
  • When you’re preparing to make a substantial investment in marketing plans
  • If you are investing over $5k in music video production 
  • you have already leased the beat and the song is gaining a lot of popularity!